Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A Visit to Ward's Island

 On Labour Day Weekend, John and I were invited to visit Q and her daughter, Hilary, on Ward's Island. Our friend, Shelley, was invited too but didn't know the way to Q's so we accompanied her as guides.
 Cameras were at the ready.
 There's a pretty little beach just to the left of the Ward's Island docks
 with a great view of the Toronto skyline across the harbour. 
 We gave Shelley a quick tour of the Island settlement
 before heading to Q's street.
 Q and Hilary are all unpacked now.
 Hilary's work table and new bookshelves. The place looks great!
 Soon the picnic table in the yard was being piled with our potluck brunch
 and conversation swirled around the kitchen.
 The picnic table was laden with good things to eat
 and we all dug in. Nancy and Stephen in the background.
 Our friend Cathy arrived just as we began
 and brought a salad decorated with nasturtiums.
 We drank proseccho and mineral water.
 Here's Cathy's portrait of the Tomatoes From Canada.
 After some chat we headed off to see the Ward's Island Beach.
 Sand, sun and Lake Ontario.
 Cathy and Q got into bathing suits and ran into the water.
 John and I hope to return to this little bit of summer soon.
Then it was back to Rebecca's for desserts! A galette of raspberries, cherries and blackberries, a peach crisp and a tarte of peaches and blueberries. Everyone had some of them all! Lucky us!
After six hours of fun on the island we headed back to the dock
to catch the ferry to the mainland in a glow of the setting sun. What a lovely way to end the summer!

Monday, September 1, 2014

At the EX 2014

Bill and I rode our bicycles to the Canadian National Exhition this weekend.
 Ever since we were kids we have loved the Princes' Gates. Today we learned the gates are not named after a Princess. They were opened in 1927 by Prince Edward (later Edward VIII) and Prince George.
This is what the walk from the Gates to the midway looks like now. 
We paused for a truly CNE experience --
a performance by The Flying Wallendas. 
I resisted Bill's invitation to try the Sky Ride. Didn't want to be stuck in the sun.
The Midway at the EX is an excellent place to take pictures of people, who are helpfully distracted by the games and the rest of the visual chaos. 
We'll leave you with the famous CNE food stalls. 
Treats like this don't grow on trees, folks. 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Greenwich 1: On the Thames

Last May John and I went to the ferry docks in Southwark near the Millenium Bridge to catch a City Ferry to Greenwich.
The view from the docks of St Paul's and the busy workboats
of the Thames was fascinating.
Soon our ferry arrived
with its jolly crew and we were off!
The view past London Bridge and the new buildings popping up on Canary Wharf.
At last we arrived at the 17th century buildings of the Royal Naval Academy at Greenwich
to be greeted by a statue honouring the  famous Tudor sea captain, Sir Walter Raleigh. This must be the place!