Friday, October 24, 2014

Saul Steinberg at Pace

 When John and I visited the Morgan Library in NYC last week we were pleased to see several Saul Steinberg drawings they had recently purchased.
 We were even more pleased when our friend, Shelley Savor, emailed us to say that there was a show of his work at the Pace Gallery in honour of the Saul Steinberg Centennial.
 The works are on view on the 2nd and 9th floors of the Pace Gallery at 32 East 57th St.  
Lucky us!
  Both his gorgeous drawings and sculptures of work tables are being shown.
Does anything say New York City better than a Steinberg piece?

Our Cosy West Village Flat

John and I rented a studio flat in New York City last week.
We found it on quiet, tree-lined Horatio Street
just one block below the southern entrance to the High Line Park.
The compact apartment was perfect for our needs.
Coffee and a light breakfast in the morning.
Reading with a drink in the evenings.
There was a closet in the back (not shown) and three big drawers in the front room for our storage.
It was all very homey and comfortable.
We highly recommend a stay at Jill's apartment.
Fetch more information here.

Monday, September 22, 2014

St Catharines Invaded by Badgers

St Catharines, Ontario, was invaded by homecoming Silver Badgers last Saturday. 
My fellow human, Rob, and I followed three of the most dangerous creatures, Eleanor, Jane and Bill on their circuit through the helpless town.
Like animals they returned to their old watering hole.
 The Manor House wasn't open yet, so Eleanor, the fiercest of the three badgers, knocked at the door and the cleaner, fearfully, let us in.
 It was much as they remembered it.
Next stop was an attempt to find Eleanor's old apartment. 
 We found the building. Standing on St Paul Street, Eleanor had an idea.
She rang the superintendant. 
 "Hello, my name is Eleanor Beattie and I lived here 50 years ago. I wondered if I could come up and look around."
 The super paused before saying, "Give me a few minutes." It was a Saturday morning.
 This charming young man appeared at the door and invited us up to see an apartment that was for rent.
 From windows at the back of the apartment, we spied another group of badgers gathered at the building site of the new Performing Arts Centre. 
This was another stop on our itinerary so we set off to see if we could join them.
 Past the old Canada Haircloth Company building, which will become part of Brock's new Theatre  Arts Building.
Unable to get down to the official tour and standing next to the new Theatre Centre site, the badgers remembered their appetites so we set off in search of grub.
Luckily St Catharines has a stunning farmers market on Saturdays overflowing with Niagara produce.
The badgers decided to go Mexican for lunch.
Jane said we couldn't top these à la minute quesadillas.
Eleanor and Jane pose with the photographer before we head off to the Brock University Champagne Reception for the original Brock graduates, the Silver Badgers.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Brock Badgers 50th Anniversary Reception

John and I walked into Brock University's Silver Badger Champagne Reception last Saturday with our friends Eleanor, Jane and Rob.
We were pleased to meet up with former classmates including English major, Craig Doyle. 
 Fifty years ago, in 1964, Brock University opened it's doors to it's first hundred students. The first graduating students in 1967/68 were named the Silver Badgers. Here are a few portraits by John.
Craig Doyle
Marilyn Williams
Garth Reid
 John Ingram
Philip Beaudoin 
Our Jane Laughton
Our Eleanor Beattie 
 My very own William Kimber
The Badgers set in to chatting and catching up for the next two hours. Here's Eleanor Beattie catching up with Juan Fernandez, her former Spanish professor.